Learn React

I’ve been using React since 2013. I remember the day when I saw the first demo — I was amazed at how genius yet how simple it was! I still carry that excitement to this day.

In the last 7 years I’ve built many React apps — big and small, reviewed 1000s of pull requests, taught dozens of workshops.

I would love to share my experience with you! I enjoy explaining complex topics and helping others build their intuition for new programming concepts.

If you are new to React, welcome to the community! There are hundreds React courses out there. This one is a little different — it goes beyond the basics, ignores the trends and focuses on the underlying insights. I work hard to make these intuitive and easy to digest.

If you have used React before, these videos will provide you with new ways of looking at your code. You will be able to apply the insights at work to make your React code simpler, faster and more reliable. The lessons learned here will also help you explain tricky parts to your colleagues in an approachable way.

About the author

Alex Kotliarskyi is a software engineer at Facebook, former React Native core team member.