Opening Mail

I never liked opening envelopes; they’re tricky and ripping them open is annoying. My letters would get stuck or tear with the envelope.

The mail just used to stack up, and I’d miss important stuff because of it.

But then I found this cool little gadget from Japan.

It’s well-made, affordable, and feels good to use. Plus, it’s safe.

The best part? It actually made me enjoy opening my mail.

After this experience, I started thinking differently about unpleasent tasks. Is there a tool or a service that add delight to mundane things?

I also started noticing when people do this subconiously. For example, most software engineers I know hate blogging, but they like building their own blog engine to make blogging more pleasant (I’m very guilty of this too).

Kent Beck nailed it: “for each desired change, make the change easy (warning: this may be hard), then make the easy change”.

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