I have this unsettling urge to build things. Sometimes work just flows, sometimes I question my life choices. Here are some of my side projects I built:

Can’t Unsee 2018

I believe tiny details can make a huge difference. I love building UIs, and over the years of doing so I noticed that not every engineer and designer can notice these details.

This game wouldn’t be as good without help of my awesome friends. Amanda defined the visual look&feel of the game. Keyan helped with mobile support and thousand other details.

Hacker Gifts 2018

What gifts do you send to your geeky programmer friends?

I built an online puzzle hunt that starts with a postcard. The clue on the postcard leads to encrypted file, which leads to a server, and so on. WW91IGdldCB0aGUgaWRlYS4=. It’s a pretty awesome experience.

Reflect 2017

This tool helps make great live coding demos.

Work Projects

Oculus App 2016-2017

iOS and Android app for setting up Oculus Go and Oculus Quest.

F8 App 2015-2016

React Native 2014-2016

To be continued